Hell’s Kitchen Mamma

Mamma and the Biscuits had a fantastic weekend here in New York City strolling around and enjoying the unseasonably cool temperatures! On Saturday, we hit up the 35th Annual 44th Street Garage Sale between 8th and 9th Avenue before heading out to Astoria, Queens to visit our good friends Matt & Julie. Boy did we score a bunch of great T-shirts and sunglasses from a guy named Jack who calls himself “Jack of all trades”. He gave us such a great discount for simply disrobing in front of him to try on his wares. Hey, we have no problem whoring it up if it means getting a free pair of sunglasses and a free pair of short-shorts with our purchases—and I’m not going to lie, Jack and his station of goods started to draw a crowd because of us!

On our way out of that crazy street market, we stopped to take some family portraits in front of the Chipotle Mexican Grill on 34th street—I know, how random. Surprisingly, the exterior walls of this food-chain establishment made for a good backdrop and Mamma Biscuit looked so adorable in her pale pink zip-up. I can’t even begin to tell you how hard it is to take a photo across the width of an NYC sidewalk—so many pesky pedestrians but they all stopped to ooh and ahh at Mamma which afforded us enough time to take these lovely portraits. Mamma Biscuit loves her two daddies and we love her—she’s our little lady!

’scuse Mamma while she kisses the sky—and the camera!

And along the way, Mamma encountered a very pretty Giraffe—you just never know what the streets of New York City will yield!


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