That 70’s Pug!

That’s one hideous ceramic tile floor, isn’t it? Seriously, I have tried to get my mother to renovate her kitchen for years but she just won’t budge. The dark wood cabinets alone would make anyone whose mildly depressed want to commit suicide with a butter knife (I’m claustrophobic and I feel a shortness of breath just looking at them) but this floor is beyond dark, dank and dated—and that’s putting it lightly. Anyway, Mamma Biscuit had a sleep over at my moms’ house on Saturday night while we were off in Long Island celebrating a friends’ bridal shower. It was her first full night away from us and it felt really weird. Now I know what parents go through when they first leave their baby with a sitter overnight to go to a wedding or some function that doesn’t allow children. I’m not even going to pretend like I didn’t call my mom (twice) throughout the day to “check up” on our little gremlin—I know, I’m a helicopter parent looming over our little girl with my camera at all times so cut me some slack! Anyway, my mother really is the only person who can watch Mamma Biscuit when we are away. There is something about her cozy arms that makes our little gremlin yearn for her embrace. The feeling is also mutual because all I heard all week long (leading up to Saturday) was my mother’s excitement with the prospects of cuddling and sleeping with Mamma Biscuit. I know, how cute is that? Anyway, we are very happy to report that our Lady of Biscuits was very well behaved in our absence. She enjoyed long naps alongside my mother, the central air conditioning and the lovely Julio Iglesias tape (yes, I said cassette tape, not a CD) playing in the background as my mother toiled away in her kitchen (ugh, that damn 70’s kitchen) preparing various foods for dinner.

But back to these spectacular ceramic tiles from the 1970’s. I took these photos on Sunday afternoon while Tommy and I were having lunch with my mother. It’s not like I could just quickly stop by to pick up the Biscuit Lady and leave—afterall, my mom is from the south of Italy—to her a visit isn’t complete without being forced to inhale an entire tray of pasta soaked in tomato sauce paired with a gigantic loaf of olive bread to sop up the extra sauce. So there we were, eating all of this fantastic food while Mamma Biscuit stared at us with such focus and intensity—waiting for one of us to drop a crumb or a noodle on that backdrop of a ceramic floor. Let’s just say I gave her more than I would have normally to make up for exposing her to those damn tiles for more than 24 hours!


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