Smell that fresh Christmas pine!

As we enter the final week before the most important holiday on Mamma Biscuit’s calendar, we want to stop, take a deep breath and take in the seasonal scent of pine to relax and calm our anxious nerves. Now we Biscuits are all about a fake tree at the pug palace but that doesn’t mean we haven’t had our fare share of experiences at a Christmas tree nursery during the holiday season! Shoot, I can pick a perfectly-shaped tree blind-folded off 8th avenue any day of the week—and since I actually take requests from special friends to help decorate their real tree, I’m afforded the experience of how to handle the lighting and decorating of one.

At any rate, this year, Tommy and I and the Biscuit Lady got caught up in the wreath section of a nursery out in New Jersey while our friends were off strapping their tree to their car. Now doesn’t Mamma look precious framed by all of this pine? She practically defines Christmas here—and quite frankly, this could be the album art to yet another collection of Bing Crosby’s Christmas standards on LP.

If memory serves me right, the pine scent on this wreath was so strong that Mamma Biscuit’s snout was on permanent sniff mode! I’m surprised that her muzzle doesn’t look like a giant blurry spot from all of that nose movement! I guess the next best thing is pine-scented incense for the apartment because there is nothing real about any part of our Christmas display!

The Christmas insanity STARTS NOW!


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