Discounted Mamma!

Our visit out to Long Island to celebrate the Christmas holiday with Tommy’s family would not be complete without a quick stop at Century 21 for their post holiday sale. Now there’s nothing more depressing than December 26th! The anticipation and excitement of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day has come and gone and what’s left is a giant hefty bag filled with wrapping paper, a pile of gifts that you would never buy for yourself and therefore need to be returned and a bunch of leftover fruit cakes that could be used to thatch a roof on a small home. So what better way to fight off the post Christmas blues than to hit the Century 21 racks in search of some discounted designer goods—hey, you never know when one will stumble upon an entire rack of Vivienne Westwood, it’s happened before! So we threw Mamma Biscuit in her Lacoste travel bag and headed out to do just that! Now any seasoned shopper who may be reading this post knows that sometimes you just need two hands to really examine a garment—the cut, color and style—and well, holding Mamma Biscuit in her bag while trying to do so is just nearly impossible! Good thing is she’s so compact we can simply hang her from a rack while Tommy and I get our shop on! So here is the Biscuit Lady suspended from the “What Goes around Comes Around” rack. Who knew this vintage clothing store on West Broadway started a line inspired by their vintage wares. At any rate, I really get a kick out of unsuspecting customers who stumble upon our little gremlin during their own hunt for designer goods. The cooing and adoring comments only add to our post Christmas retail experience!


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