Chocolate Day Dreams!

Mamma is back with her Sweet Semosh baked goods and she’s hitting you all hard with a mid-winter chocolate vengeance! Now just to be clear, Mamma Biscuit doesn’t really have specifics when it comes to day dreaming of food—the bitch just wants to eat whatever is in our hands (and that could be actual food or a simple nail clipper, it makes no difference to her) however, I sometimes stare at her while she sleeps and envision cookies, muffins, cakes and candy (all vegan of course) dancing around her head and whenever I do this, she cracks a smile as if to tell me that I’m right! I know, I’m a crazy dog person, if you haven’t gotten that by now then I have news for you, you’re probably one as well! When Tommy hits the kitchen to work his baking magic, somehow, in the middle of Mamma’s deep sleep, she’ll literally stumble her way out of her warm bed (guided by her nose) and plant herself at the entrance of the kitchen to stare at him! Bitch makes it known that she knows what’s going down in the kitchen and that she will not be ignored! I don’t blame her one bit, I do the same exact thing except I stumble off the sofa, away from the TV (that’s a big deal for me) and sit right by Mamma to make my presence known too! Either way, we’re both relegated to stay behind the gate, only being allowed to smell that wonderful aroma!

So it’s February and by now, everyone I know has totally given up on their New Years resolution of dieting and exercising and is in total need of a mid-winter-slump-pick-me-up! In comes our Totally Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies hand baked by my better half. Brace yourself because we’re talking about one glorious pound of chocolate for all of you chocolate lovers out there, ONE POUND! That’s right, Dutch cocoa powder, semi-sweet chocolate and heaps of chocolate chips all conspire to make one dramatically yummy chocolate chocolate chip cookie!

Now if you’re a true chocolate lover, you’d pair a plate of these cookies off with a glass of hot cocoa! For me, it’s a tall glass of water with ice, I’m not that hardcore! If anyone wants to order these babies, just contact Mamma Biscuit, you won’t be sorry!


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