The Easter Bunny + Mamma Biscuit = Happy Easter!

The flowers are in bloom, the days are getting warmer and the Easter holiday weekend is finally upon us. Is it me or is time rushing by like a freight train in the night? I swear, the last time I blinked, it was New Years Eve, and now we’re in April? Thank goodness for Mamma Biscuit, she makes what little time we have here on earth so much better! Anyway, the Easter holiday would not be complete without a visit from the Easter Bunny here at the Pug Palace. After all, what better way can Mamma Biscuit commemorate the betrayal, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ than to carouse around with an egg-pushing, jellybean-hoarding stuffed bunny? That was a rhetorical question, stop thinking, there really is no other way!

Now in our vegan household, this egg obsessed bunny knows better than to bring a basket full of dyed eggs with intentions of hiding them throughout Mamma’s abode for some kind of egg hunt experience. Mamma Biscuit has such a short attention span that she would basically prance off into the kitchen to lick the cold, ceramic tiles in search for food the moment the Easter egg hunt began! On a side note, I could never really grasp the whole egg thing on Easter. It’s like the entire nation becomes just as obsessed with eggs as Edith Massey was in Pink Flamingo—and I certainly don’t have the patience nor the grace that Devine had in entertaining anyone with such an obsession. So no eggs for Mamma Biscuit, however, that dapper little Bunny did have the right sense of mind to surprise our little gremlin with a fantastic Springtime frock with a tiered scalloped hem—and boy was she thrilled. This flirty and fashionable number really highlights Mamma’s built in mink stole around her neck while giving her a touch of whimsy. Wow, did I really just write that? I’m hoping that none of you readers have the ASPCA on speed dial because I may have just lost my mind. I swear though, our bitch loves wearing clothes even though Tommy thinks this dress looks like a naughty negligee and she seems to spilling out of it. Mamma practically falls asleep in her clothes and refuses to take them off once they have been put on. To put it simply, she takes after her two dads! There have been many nights where Mamma and I sat front row as Tommy put on a fashion show for us of high fashion outfits for both work and play—but I digress.

Now Mamma Biscuit wasn’t the only recipient of Easter gifts in our household. That thoughtful bunny also brought a little something for the boys in the house as well—two tickets to see Madonna (A.K.A. The Crypt Keeper of Pop or Gollum Arms, take your pick) in concert at Yankee Stadium in September—and boy were we thrilled. I mean, I’ll take an aging pop star desperately trying to stay relevant over a basket filled with jellybeans and neon-colored-cancer-producing peeps any day of the week—so it was a win-win situation for both Mamma and family—job well done Mr. Easter Bunny!

The festivities did not stop after opening our Easter gifts. No, we all got into the Easter spirit and decided to erect Mamma’s annual Easter tree.

This display was created with three bushels of pussy willows, aquamarine colored eggs piled at the bottom of the vase for aesthetic support and vintage and vintage-like handcrafted paper ornaments. It measures at 70 inches high by 47 inches at it’s widest point and brings a much needed sense of Springtime to our world.

So as we were toiling away with trimming this tree, Mamma decided to take a nap with her furry Easter friends.

In between her naps, she would open her eyes to glance up at us and to make sure that things were moving along and that the tree was being put up properly. That’s what I love about my girl, she’s so laid back yet so authoritative—and yes, as usual, she fell asleep in her cute little frock!

From the Biscuit household to yours, have a Happy Easter!


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