Post Easter Egg Hunt Glow!

Turns out I was right, having Mamma Biscuit participate in an Easter egg hunt is about as pointless as a Manhattanite owning a car! Our bitch sure looked the part with her Easter dress and pearl necklace but she could care less about this silly game. All the plastic eggs were purposely positioned in plain sight for her yet she whizzed by them all like a bat out of hell—heading full throttle in my direction! She ran up and down Nanna and Pappa’s backyard in the suburbs completely relishing in the cool touch of the grass beneath her paws—totally uninterested in whether those damn plastic eggs had anything edible in them. She knows where to go for a treat and it’s usually dangling behind my camera lens.

Being the big city pooch that she is, Mamma Biscuit thoroughly enjoys the change of pace afforded to her when we go out to the suburbs to visit my family in Westchester County or out to Long Island to visit Tommy’s family. She prances on every lawn along the street’s edge during her walks—getting as much grass-time in as possible before she has to return to the concrete jungle of Washington Heights. Don’t get me wrong, Mamma loves walking in the park in our hood but there is something about lawn grass that drives her wild with happiness—not to mention makes her spot pee every couple of yards!

So here is Mamma Biscuit, panting furiously after running through my parent’s backyard. The grass is slowly growing in and I love that there is one lonely dandelion in the patch of dirt behind her in some of these photos! I also find the juxtaposition of the natural dirt and grass and Mamma’s couture dress to be quite comical. You could put her in a muddy dog run wearing this garment and I swear, she would exit that very dog run without a stain on her—that’s how dainty our little bitch can be!

We Biscuits then spent the second half of the afternoon eating a very delicious vegan Easter dinner prepared my mother. I would have grabbed my camera to photograph some of the dishes she prepared but quite honestly, I was too busy pigging out while trying to maintain Mamma from leaping onto the table to join in. Some of our dinner highlights were fettuccine with artichoke hearts and white wine, yellow peppers stuffed with rice and homemade tomato sauce, vegan gnocchi with homemade tomato sauce, broccoli rabe, breaded and fried cauliflower and baked artichokes. The entire meal left us completely comatose. After a nap on the sofa with my two dogs (Mamma and Tommy) we reconvened at the table for vegan Sweet Semosh cookies and fruit.

All and all, we had a wonderful Easter and hope you did too. Let the warmer weather finally begin!


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