Post Holiday Flea Market!


Christmas just ended two weeks ago and I’m so confused as to why we are back at the markets scouring for vintage holiday wares so soon? I know, those two Daddies of mine are always looking to score the next best holiday item—and the shorter one, he’s always knee deep in a pile of dusty records. I guess I’ll just park my butt right by this horrific deer taxidermy and look extra fabulous in my Versace coat while those two strike up a deal. It’s cold outside, and everyone at this flea market seems to be eating but me! Did I just hear some woman ask for a discount on a plastic cup? Really? It’s only a dollar to begin with! Boy is she cheap! Did I mention that it’s cold outside? I think that big lug Daddy John packed my purple shearling coat in case I get too cold. Maybe I’ll paw at him to let him know I’m ready for an outfit change.


Wait, is that a clarinet behind me? Where am I? Why did this deer have to die? Oh good, I just overheard my Daddies say they want to go get some hot chocolate because they too are so cold! Finally, I’ll have a chance to get some soft-chew treats in my pug belly—and possibly change into something warmer!


Ahhhh, warmth, now that feels good! I’m all snuggly now in my warmer coat although I must admit, the pearl necklace was so not needed! That Daddy John is always lookin’ to accessorize me! Well, he did just feed me a handful of treats so I forgive him! Hangin’ out in the coffee shop is a whole lot of fun. The owner thinks I’m super cute and everyone that walks in from the cold has either squeezed me or pet the top of my head!


I love being in New York City with my two Daddies. We have a long winter ahead of us but I’ll be warm and cozy with these two knuckle heads taking care of me! The subway awaits, time to go back to the Pug Palace!

Stay Warm Y’all!
Ruff Ruff

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