Mamma’s Mid-January Christmas Picks, 2013!


There is nothing more depressing to me than having to walk Mamma Biscuit passed the many piles of dead Christmas trees flanked along any given sidewalk throughout our neighborhood. It’s like a graveyard of sorts on almost every street corner in this city and the deceased here is Christmas—our beloved Holiday that we Biscuits plan for all year long! Actually, what depresses me most is that some of those very trees in the trash still have their metal tree stands still attached to the trunk—and some (gasping while clutching the pearls around my neck) even have several forgotten ornaments still attached to low-hanging branches here and there! How can anyone possibly be so stupid or callus as to simply trash ornaments or a perfectly reusable tree stand come January? I guess I’ll never really know why people do the shit they do but I do know one thing, as the third week in January approaches, we Biscuits start to get nostalgic for Christmas all over again. I know, you all probably don’t share the same love for Christmas the way we do but to us, Christmas is an all-year affair—and as of today, only 340 days way! So if you too feel depressed about the end of the Holidays and need to be nursed back into the spirit without the help of prescribed or illegal drugs, then come along and check out Mamma’s mid-January Christmas picks. If this doesn’t inspire you to scour the internet for more Holiday wares that you probably don’t even need, then I don’t know what will!

Lights, lights and more lights—the pure symbol of Christmas itself, although the LED movement has really thrown a wrench (and some really cold, horrible lighting) in the market for the iconic C7 and C9 bulbs. The industry is already working fast to try to make regular incandescent light bulbs look better as they slowly take away our traditional light bulbs (one wattage at a time) but who knows what will be available from year to year. I can’t even imagine how they plan on coiling up LED technology to fit my beloved tipped chandelier light bulbs—the visual in my head frightens me!


Anyway, we thought we would just immortalize these C9 light bulbs in ornament-form on our tree this way we’ll have them every year moving forward—unless of course Mamma Biscuit brushes up against a branch on the tree with her curly tail and knocks one of them down onto the floor!


Crate and Barrel had some really fun stuff this year in regards to Christmas ornaments and these glass bulb clip ornaments were part of their collection! Super cute, well crafted and only 3 bucks a pop (so you know I had to get every damn color they had) these ornaments add that special nod to a nearly extinct light bulb!


Looking for something geometric and 1960’s inspired? So were we! Again, Crate and Barrel came through for us with these glass, diamond-shaped ornaments in red and magenta.


I love how the hook is fashioned on these ornaments and they remind me of some vintage Department 56 ornaments that I have inherited from my Christmas tree growing up!


Last but not least (and never one to shy away from anything super kitsch) we stumbled upon this hand-made ornament at a vintage clothing shop while visiting Chicago in early October of 2012 that really caught my eye. Beautifully handcrafted, this lady-ornament is a cross between a cake-topper at a typical Quinceañera and a fan-made doll of Lady Gaga rolled into one—so of course, we had to have it!


So that’s it for now folks! As I said earlier within this post, Christmas is only 340 days away and it’s never too early to start planning!


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