Throwback Thursday #2


Wow, I can’t believe I actually remembered to follow up with our Throwback Thursdays here on Mamma’s little corner on the web. I’m seriously one of the most forgetful people you could ever know and routines are a bit hard for me to keep. In other words, vitamins are not my friend! So here we are, the first Thursday of the month (as promised) and we’ve got a lovely little throwback moment from Mamma’s extensive archives for you all to enjoy. I totally remember the day I took this photograph—it was within the first year of having Mamma in our lives (mid March to be exact) and we were in Provincetown to celebrate my birthday. Mamma Biscuit was playing shy with me (as usual) by hiding behind the front door at the Bed & Breakfast where we were staying in. I can’t even begin to express just how much I love this photograph! I chose to share it because out of all the photos I have ever taken of Mamma Biscuit (and as you know, there are about a billion out there floating all over the world wide web), this one truthfully showcases her real personality. I know it may be hard for any of you to believe but Mamma Biscuit is one of the shyest dogs one could ever encounter. She’s incredibly indifferent to other dogs (even though almost all other dogs take such an unrelenting interest in her) and she rarely gives out any licks or kisses to people—in other words, she’s a lady that doesn’t give it out for free! But all kidding aside, Mamma has had one horrific past growing up through the puppy mill system. The fact that she’s actually alive and willing to give anyone who’s not holding any food in their hands the slightest attention is a miracle in my opinion! Now I know that Mamma’s glamorous and high-fashion persona makes her seem larger than life but most who have met the little gremlin lady will attest to just how physically small she is and how shy her disposition is! Under all of her fabulous clothes and chic accessories, Mamma Biscuit is a shy and quiet pug! She’s the type of dog that would stand on the sidelines of any dog run and observe all the other dogs running haphazardly around and causing a commotion! The only time she’s ever assertive for any attention is when I’m walking her and I stop to pet another dog—that’s when she muscles in and wants me to pick her up! Mamma Biscuit may be shy but in those circumstances, she’s not about to let some other dog hog up any of our attention—and that’s how I know that she really loves us! She wants us all to herself—and the feeling is mutual!

Happy Throwback Thursday!

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