Thanksliving, 2013!


Come one, come all to Mamma Biscuit’s Thanksliving table—where we celebrate life, love, family, friends and ALL animals! That’s right folks, today our little gremlin sits at the head of our table wearing her best couture-pilgrim outfit (paired with a set of giant pearls that would make Joan Collins green with envy) as she welcomes each and every one of you to join us in giving thanks for everything that brings us joy and happiness into our lives. Today we pause from our whirlwind of a life to reflect and give thanks to the many wonderful friends, family and animals that surround us every day. It’s also a time to be grateful for the luxuries and securities that we have—to never take any of our material privileges for granted! I know Mamma Biscuit is personally grateful for the fabulous wardrobe she has amassed in the five years she’s been with us—and her outfit today is a testament to just how flawless her style is! She’s also very thankful for the yummy peanut butter treats she gets every single day just for being so damn adorable—and she’s especially thankful for having two loving daddies who practically worship her!


So in the spirit of being thankful and actually applying it to our lives, Mamma Biscuit has decided to change Thanksgiving to Thanksliving—because in our opinion, appreciating what we have while we have it is what can cultivate true happiness in our lives. Having Mamma Biscuit in my circle-game of life has truly made me reflective about her life, her horrible past and of course, our lives before this beautiful creature became the lady of our home—and I have a mini thanksliving holiday in my head every day of the year when I look into her eyes!


So today we thank Curly Tail Pug Rescue for the incredible work that they do as they give new life to tortured and unloved pugs everywhere. We thank them for bringing our beautiful Biscuit Lady into our lives and for giving her a second chance at love and happiness! We thank Mamma Biscuit for showing us the true magic of love and joy that dogs can bring to human beings and for simply being the fabulous pug that she is. Her terrible past is a painful yet important reminder that all suffering of animals (whether domesticated or farmed for food) deserves respect, love and nurture! Mamma’s new life with us in New York City and this blog is a perfect example of how rewarding it is to rescue a dog in need and to generally demystify the notion that dogs that are either considered to be too old, imperfect (by some bullshit breeder standard) or with a damaged past are less valuable or desirable than dogs from pet stores or breeders—the real root and cause for most of this torture to begin with.


We continue this sentiment by thanking Farm Sanctuary for their tireless work in not only providing a safe-haven for animals that have endured pain and suffering beyond what anyone could ever imagine but that they also bring attention to such atrocities and demand reform where it’s so desperately needed. In other words, the cornucopia of food on Mamma’s Thanksliving table will be cruelty-free and just as delicious as any traditional Thanksgiving meal!


Expressing true gratefulness is difficult in one day, for grateful deeds span throughout the year, however, the abundance of joy and love that Mamma Biscuit brings to us everyday allows us to feel the gratitude we feel most on this very day—all year long. May you all enjoy a delicious meal with your loved ones—Mamma will sure be feasting on some Tofurkey during ours!


Happy Thanksliving ya’ll, let the insanity of Christmas begin!

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