Summer in a Flash!


I can’t believe it’s mid August already. I can’t believe our last post was almost a month ago! I feel like the Summer of 2014 is passing us by so quickly and I just can’t keep up anymore. The only thing that seems to stop time dead on it’s feet is Mamma Biscuit. She’ll prance on over while I’m running around the apartment, frantic to make schedule, and demand that I stop everything I’m doing for a pug hug and a kiss—and of course, I oblige! If it’s not her on-demand hugs and kisses, it’s her marathon sleeping habits that become so infectious that sometimes, my weekends slip away as I get sucked into a 6-hour nap alongside her on the sofa. You know, sometimes I think Mamma Biscuit holds the key to all the answers to everything in life behind those sparkling marble eyes. I can come home from work on any given day bearing the stresses of the entire world on my back and our little gremlin will just run up to me to kiss and lick my arm until my skin peels off—and every stress and worry I have seems to melt away. I just drop my gym bag and keys to the floor so that I can get all up in her face and bury my nose in her built-in mink stole around her neck. At any rate, I just wanted to let you all know that despite our short hiatus we haven’t forgotten about Mamma’s little corner on the web here. In fact, Tommy and I just recently returned from a trip through Tennessee, Kentucky and Ohio to attend the world’s largest yard sale along highway 127 and boy do we have a post lined up for you all sharing the many treasures we picked up along the way. Unfortunately, Mamma Biscuit did not come along with us through our American junking tour. She was lounging out at grandma’s house up in Scarsdale, New York but that didn’t stop me from picking up a few cute new frocks for the Biscuit Lady along the way. Autumn is fast approaching and this will be the busiest time of year for Mamma Biscuit. Between fall fashion, Halloween and the impending Christmas holiday season, we’ve got our work cut out for us. So strap on your seat belts because Mamma intends on taking you all for another wild ride.

Happy Monday y’all!

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