Nudes, Series 1.

It’s high time we give our readers an up-and-close look at the real Mamma Biscuit! The unplugged, stripped-down, nude Mamma Biscuit that y’all have been craving to see! Usually, our Biscuit Lady showcases the hot canine styles and trends of the moment with poise and grace, however, the opportunity presented itself this past Monday morning in Boston to take these nude portraits. Tommy and I woke up to this beautiful, natural sunlight flowing in from the giant window in our friends apartment and I decided to stumble off the aero mattress to grab my camera to capture this fleeting moment!

Here she is, Mamma Biscuit, lounging on the canvas sofa with an arrogant, New England style. Her sexy legs crossed over as she basked in the warm sunlight streaming through the window! This Bitch really knows how to hide her candy while simultaneously showing you everything! I mean, just look at her in the first photo of this batch, she is giving us arctic-seal-waiting-for-a-piece-of-fish-realness, don’t you think?

Our little gremlin was so unaffected by my camera lens as I put it all up in her grill. The bitch practically fogged up the lens as I tried to capture these close-ups of her mug and that blip of a prosciutto tongue showing from her black lips! And how about those paws of hers? They’re like little ham hocks with perfectly manicured nails!

Portraits like these prove that the clothes don’t make the pug, it’s the pug that makes the pug! Mamma Biscuit is our beautiful pug—on the inside as well as on the outside and I intend on photographing her nude more often!

PS: Here was Mamma last year (the same time) at our friends apartment in Boston. Mamma’s natural fur coat suits her very well!


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