Post Surgery Post!

It’s amazing how much change can happen in just one week. Actually, being a New York City dweller, extreme change can happen from one minute to the next so one week is like an eternity here in this city. Anyway, as of last week, Mamma Biscuit went from having a whopping five teeth in her mouth to now having just three teeth left. That’s right y’all, our Biscuit Lady is on the cusp of being totally toothless and that makes absolutely zero difference to her disposition or ability to eat her food. She continues to gum her food with perfect ease and attacks each meal with such gusto that I would confidently sign her up to compete in a pie eating contest for dogs—and I would bet a large sum of money that she would be the winner too!

Now Tommy and I have been making plans to have a doggie dentist have at it with Mamma’s teeth for quite some time. At first we tried our luck with the clinic at The Humane Society here in NYC—and although they took a blood test of our Biscuit Lady (which she passed beautifully), ultimately, they did not feel comfortable enough to perform oral surgery within their facility on a dog of such advanced years as Mamma Biscuit. We then decided to take Mamma to the West Village Veterinary Hospital on 8th Avenue in Chelsea where her primary doctor practices and where the dentist on-staff came highly recommended. There, she received an examination to make sure that she was healthy enough to be put under for the surgery—and she passed with flying colors. Actually, the dentist was incredibly shocked to find out how healthy and strong her heart is considering how terrible her past life at the puppy mill was coupled with her advanced age! At any rate, after all of Mamma’s tests and examinations, we scheduled her surgery for last Wednesday—and it was a complete success!

So for the last week, Mamma Biscuit has been resting and recuperating from her dental surgery—and she’s doing extremely well I might add! Here she is lounging out on our living room floor and sleeping in her white polka-dot donut bed while wearing a very cute T-shirt with a bone accent patch made entirely of gold sequins. C’mon now, don’t give me a side-eye, you didn’t expect Mamma’s post surgery wardrobe to consist of one of those hideous mint green hospital gowns that tie in the back, did you? Mamma may be geriatric but she’s far too chic for that typical hospital look! Mamma’s tooth fairy came once last year to give her an original pug charm and necklace designed and illustrated by Gemma Correll for all the teeth that were taken out of her mouth before we even got her but this time around, she got this fabulous T-shirt!

Also, have you notice how Mamma’s forearms have been shaved? They tried to find a vein in both arms but were unsuccessful. They eventually found a vein they could use on her inner thigh, which is also shaved in such an unsightly manner. No sweat though, it’ll grow back, we’re just happy that our Biscuit Lady is healthy, happy and at home with us! You can’t notice in these photo but she also had a small skin growth removed right above her nose, centered between her eyes. At first we thought it was a pug pimple but her doctor confirmed that it was a natural growth of some sort that dogs get from time to time. Her doctor wasn’t concerned with it at all but since she was going into surgery for her teeth, they removed it too—and we’re having a biopsy done just in case. Mamma Biscuit means the world to us and we will go to great lengths to keep her as healthy, vibrant and vital as possible!

So that’s the 411 on Mamma Biscuit this week! She’s like a brand new pug—spirited and happy in her prance! Now, whenever I see this commercial for Pedigree Dentastix, I think of a pair of doggie dentures soaking in a tumbler glass of water right beside Mamma Biscuit’s donut bed—because the bitch is practically all gums!


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