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Face Lift!

I’ve always felt that there are two things that distinguish a true New Yorker from the rest of the world and both happen to be subway related. The first is that all true New Yorkers know exactly where to stand … Continue reading

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Mamma’s on the Sneak!

I have a confession to make y’all: I sneak Mamma Biscuit into every damn eating establishment in this city and I’m proud of it—there I said it! It’s not like it’s so hard though, my little Biscuit gremlin is so … Continue reading

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Mamma’s Post-Holiday Collapse!

After several days of meticulously packing Christmas decorations in boxes and seriously exercising our organizational skills, Mamma’s holiday workshop at the pug palace has officially come to a close! Yes, we are well aware that the Epiphany (celebrated by most … Continue reading

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Discounted Mamma!

Our visit out to Long Island to celebrate the Christmas holiday with Tommy’s family would not be complete without a quick stop at Century 21 for their post holiday sale. Now there’s nothing more depressing than December 26th! The anticipation … Continue reading

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Twas the night before Christmas. . . .

. . . and Mamma and the Biscuits were called on duty last minute to save this precious holiday—worldwide! Turns out Santa Claus was fired up at his workshop in the North Pole. Apparently, management found hardcore elf porn on … Continue reading

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