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Beware of Dog

Can you imagine coming across a fenced-in yard that had a “Beware of Dog” sign posted to warn the public or a potential intruder from a dog like Mamma Biscuit? That would be hysterical, wouldn’t it? Our little gremlin is … Continue reading

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Dog Days of Summer!

According to, the temperature forecast for this week is looking pretty brutal. Tuesday: 92°, Wednesday: 90°, Thursday: 96°, Friday: 98° and Saturday: 90°—all dangerously too hot and humid for Mamma Biscuit to be outdoors during the day. It looks … Continue reading

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Mamma & Pappa

I just love it when Mamma Biscuit uses her Pappa’s hands as a platform to lift herself up high so that she can view her surroundings. She’s such a nosey pug. Tommy’s palms allow her just enough stability as a … Continue reading

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Hip-Hop Mamma!

Mamma B. is bringing ghetto realness here with her canine bling pendant. Our bitch brings all the boys to the yard and damn right it’s better than yours—she can teach you, but she’d have to charge! M. Biscuit may have … Continue reading

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Polka dot dreams!

Mamma may sleep in a toile bed in the living room during the early evening hours (positioned perfectly in front of the television for optimum reality TV watching) but during the day, she likes to retire to her secondary bed … Continue reading

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