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Jersey Sure!

I may be a New York City boy and Mamma Biscuit may be a New York City pooch but there is a whole lot of Jersey love when it comes to the consumption of reality TV at the Pug Palace. … Continue reading

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Giving Face!

It’s been a really tough week to say the least. I feel like I have nearly forgotten about Mamma’s little corner on web here and when I do have some spare time to actually sit down and write, something work-related … Continue reading

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News flash for all my peers who haven’t paid any close attention to what young people are up to these days: THE ‘90s ARE BACK and they are back with a vengeance! I know, It’s been a hard pill for … Continue reading

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Happy 13th Birthday Mamma Biscuit!

Why is it that in our culture, the number 13 is considered bad luck? There are way too many buildings here in New York City that actually skip having a 13th floor because of this baseless superstition—I mean, isn’t it … Continue reading

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Summertime Florals!

A cool, breezy, Summertime day in Fort Tryon Park would not be complete without Mamma Biscuit sporting a bold-print floral dress. It’s probably Mamma’s most favorite past time—prancing around the dog run looking incredibly chic while all the other dogs … Continue reading

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