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The Yin-Yang of Sweet Semosh

The ancient Chinese concept and symbol of the Yin-Yang refers to complementary opposites such as light/dark, day/night, masculine/feminine and sun/moon. Now Mamma Biscuit is here to tell you all that the same concept can be applied to a freshly baked … Continue reading

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Pump up the Jam, Pump It Up!

The 90’s dance track Pump Up the Jam from Technotronic ain’t the only jam that can get Mamma Biscuit up and out on the dance floor to run around in circles with an ear-to-ear smile on her face. No, our … Continue reading

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Chocolate Day Dreams!

Mamma is back with her Sweet Semosh baked goods and she’s hitting you all hard with a mid-winter chocolate vengeance! Now just to be clear, Mamma Biscuit doesn’t really have specifics when it comes to day dreaming of food—the bitch … Continue reading

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Mamma’s Biscuits!

To say that Mamma Biscuit daydreams of cookies is not only obvious but a complete understatement! Our little Biscuit Lady lives for those moments when a cookie crumbles accidentally on the floor—and when it does, she darts right in like … Continue reading

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Sweet Semosh

What made Mamma Biscuit so deserving of an entire bounty of Sweet Semosh vegan baked goods? Might it be that she was such a good little girl during our recent trip to Toronto? Or that she’s the perfect model? Maybe … Continue reading

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